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Army United - 1 vs. Muangthong United - 2
Royal Thai Army Stadium

Despite the shock and unhappiness in the Muangthong United camp over the Thai F.A. recent announcement, for the second game in a row United came from behind in the second half to win, this time against Army United at the Royal Thai Army Stadium in Bangkok.

In the first half, Muangthong United had the better share of possession and worked the ball through the midfield towards the Army goal.

The Army keeper was needed to smother several crosses and shots, though never was challenged to do so.

Despite having the majority of possession and 5 corner kicks, Muangthong were not able to find the back of the net.

Army were dangerous down the right side as Rotti and Fernandez often doubled up, and Suriya looked out-run several times.

The goal for Army United came when a turn over in the midfield led to the ball being run down towards Muangthong"s left, with the defense caught out of position.

The cross into the box went to two Army forwards who were unmarked, and though Kawin did get a hand on the ball it ended up in the goal.

The second half saw a more aggressive Muangthong effort, and the Army keeper was put to the test with several stops, or near misses.

Key shots were sent in by Cleiton Silva, Wuttichai, and Datsakon. The equalizing goal came at about the 60th minute when Muangthong were awarded a free kick just outside the Army United 18 yard box.

The kick was taken by Datsakon, and despite having all 11 Army players in front of the ball, the shot hit the left post and went in.

Muangthong kept up the pressure and scored the go-ahead goal late in the match when a goal mouth scramble led to a close range goal by Kasidesh, who had been subbed in just minutes before.

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