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SCG Muangthong United Football Club announce the statement that Winfried Schafer has discontinued the role of Head Coach, our latest former coach will be going to take the role as Jamaica national football team coach. The new SCG Muanthong United FC head coach will be declared shortly.


Executive Board Committee

SCG Muangthong United







  Դ繷 4 :   teetong ʵ 18/07/2013 14:40 .

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  Դ繷 3 :   aonmio ʵ 18/07/2013 13:14 .

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  Դ繷 2 :   NONG_32 ʵ 18/07/2013 12:48 .

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  Դ繷 1 :   SARUNWUT ʵ 18/07/2013 09:48 .

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